Combating Coronavirus - Kaduceus Provides Remote Learning!!!

Kaduceus holds the safety and well-being of all its clients at the highest priority during this time of concern regarding the transmission of COVID-19.
Currently, government officials and medical professionals recommend that using good judgement and practical approaches is the most effective way to address this concern while continuing our daily lives.

Kaduceus wants to make sure our clients know that our programs can be taught virtually and many of our employees work remotely, mitigating our risk for a major disruption.

With many schools making the decision to close their doors because of COVID-19, Kaduceus wants to remind our clients that their students will still be able to access the Kaduceus portal. This allows students to continue their path towards certification uninterrupted.

Kaduceus programs offer:
• An online portal for teachers and students
• The ability to study remotely – our online curriculum can be remotely accessed from any location by teachers and students
• The ability for teachers to release exams – students can take online exams without having to be in the classroom
• Proper hand washing technique, located throughout the Kaduceus curriculum - good hand hygiene helps to minimize the spread of the virus

Our staff is available to help teachers/students prepare for remote learning. For further assistance, please email us at or call us at 281-447-4200.