The Kaduceus Pharmacy Technician Program is a 180-hour program over a 36-week period. The objective of the program is to equip students with knowledge, technical skills, and work habits required for an entry-level position in the pharmacy field or related area. Our teaching techniques encourage active student participation and may include group discussions and projects, laboratory work, simulations, demonstrations, field trips, guest speakers, and lectures. A strong emphasis is placed on ethics, accountability, professionalism, and the individual's commitment to pursue lifelong personal and professional development.


The Kaduceus Pharmacy Technician Curriculum provides a thorough breakdown of the basic essentials deemed necessary for CTE Teachers to convey the information fluently and effectively to high school students. The curriculum includes the following:

  • Pharmacy Law & Ethics
  • Sterile Products
  • Retail and Institutional Pharmacies
  • Pharmacology and Body Systems
  • Chemotherapy
  • TPN Preparation
  • Nutritional & Alternative Substances
  • Pharmacy Billing
  • Dosage Calculations
  • Career Development


All Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers will receive National Sterile Products IV (Intravenous) Certification. Students in the classroom will receive Sterile Products (IV) training prior to completion of the course and are eligible to sit for the National Sterile Products (IV) Certification immediately following graduation. In addition, students who successfully complete the course and graduate will have the opportunity to sit for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE).

Sample PT Curriculum