The Kaduceus Foundations of Health Science Program meets the high school requirements and state standards for any introductory Health Science course. Offering both tangible and online curriculum, this step-by-step, interactive curriculum is perfect for the “brand new from industry” teacher, or anyone who might be asked to step into the classroom for the day or longer.


  • FHS prepares students for additional Health Science courses.
  • Heavy career exploration focus assists students in choosing the next course in their personal degree plan, or the next course in their personal coherent sequence.
  • Kaduceus’ Executive Package includes the equipment necessary for all the hands-on daily activities outlined in the course curriculum.
  • We recommend this program be taught by a health science teacher.
  • Students may take this course as early as the eighth grade.
  • FHS prepares students for two exams:
    1. Bloodborne Pathogens
    2. HIPAA
  • Students will learn:

    • Anatomy and Physiology
    • Soft skills
    • Resume writing

  • Students will learn and practice:

    • CPR
    • Vital Signs
    • First Aid
    • HIPAA
Sample FHS Curriculum